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Our Beef

Look at the beautiful marbling on our ribeyes!

We take great pride in raising healthy animals to provide a nutritious product for our community.

To order beef, please visit:

Jersey Beef

You can really taste the difference! Our Jersey beef runs naturally leaner, but sacrifices no flavor at around a 90/10 mix. The steaks have beautiful marbling, and our family each has a different favorite cut. Dave loves his NY strips, Eddie and Mitchell can’t live without the ribeyes, and Sydney will pick a tenderloin steak any day. The steaks are slightly smaller due to the smaller size of Jerseys, but we think it is the perfect size to enjoy.

We also offer 1/4s, 1/2s, and whole animals. We charge $3/lb hanging weight, and the buyer pays processing. Lodi Sausage Co processes our animals, and they will work with you to cut the meat how you would like. Our animals will typically weigh around 600lbs hanging. From that, you will get ~60% back in meat. For more information on shares or to book one, please contact Sydney at 608-333-7599 or!