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Our farm family is led by Dave, our father. He and our late mother bought the farm we are on in late 1994. They farmed to the South in Waunakee previously. He married Jeanne in 2014, and she loves to be the Tasmanian devil to clean up and beautify the landscaping around the farm.

Vinny, the oldest, owns an automation business but does plenty of automation on the farm. Check him out at

Sydney, the middle child, is the point person for people and the cows. She runs the farm store and is married to her husband Eddie who helps on the farm as well when he isn’t busy with his Bat Restoration and Removal business, County Animal Control.

Mitchell, the youngest brother, is the go-to for all crops. Him and his wife Paige have the first grandchild on the farm, Eleanor and got married in October of 2023, hence our most up-to-date family photo. Paige helps fill in with calf chores and keep up with cleaning and inventory on the farm. Eleanor likes to tag along, and someday will be a little more helpful. 😉

A few throwbacks.